About Sue

What do you need to know about Sue?

I was born August 14, (which makes me a Leo) 1964 (which was the Year of the Dragon!) in Brantford Ontario. There, how’s that? More? I was raised by John and Margaret Saxby, my adoptive parents. I adored my dad but have never gotten along with my mother. I am an only child, and have no living relatives in Canada. Well, unless you want to talk about my birth family, but that’s a whole other ballgame.

I am: shy, quiet, opinionated, determined, loyal, compassionate, generous, loving, hardworking, creative, and patient when I need to be.

I am: lazy, opinionated, demanding, a perfectionist, at times impatient, insecure, and lack self-confidence.

I love: chocolate, teddy bears, furry creatures, raindrops, baby feet, pussy willows, and the smell of lilacs and violets in spring. I like the colour green. I love driving. I love to take photographs, read, sew, cross stitch and scrapbook.

I hate: coffee, parsnips, pretentiousness, early mornings, winter, snow, and cleaning bathrooms. Heck, I hate all housework in general. Oooh, and cooking, I really hate cooking. I also don’t like exercise much.

I am cynical about politics, religion and friendship. I always vote, I am pagan, and I try to be a very good friend.

And I’m sure I’ll also think of more to add later…..


4 Responses to About Sue

  1. Annie Piché says:

    Officially, if you’re all that, you deserve to be a mom!!!!! You know who you are, who you aren’t and that’s what makes you the best!!! Go Sue, Go!

  2. Dawn Stratton says:

    And a wonderful friend!

  3. beckysefton says:

    Oh my – I’m: opinionated, determined, loyal, generous, loving and creative.
    I’m also: lazy, demanding, insecure and lack self-confidence.
    I love: taking photos.
    I hate: coffee, parsnips, pretentiousness and housework.
    I’m (now) cynical about friends. I vote. And, despite what comes around, I try and be a good friend!

    Wow! Almost as though there’s a double Becky in the world!

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