All’s Well That Ends – no, make that -Continues Well

Six years ago this weekend I was taking some rather momentous steps. I was preparing to temporarily move out of my house to allow for major renovations and repairs to be done. Luckily at the time I had no idea just how much of an upheaval and disruption this would prove to be….I might have done some things differently. But that’s water under the bridge.
What most people didn’t know then was that I had just started chatting with a charming gentleman online. When I say ‘charming’, I mean that I was impressed because he was one of the very few males in the online dating world who would type more than one or two sentences AND have it all grammatically correct. You can see the appeal…..
He was just embarking on his own life-changing events as well. On Sunday April 1,2012 the kids and I moved into our temporary home, and on Monday April 2, 2012, Stephen started trucking school.
With both of our lives in such disarray, our relationship developed slowly, which was no doubt for the best. It wasn’t always perfect. We are both Leos, and we are both very strong willed and stubborn, and we are both always right – even when we disagree – which can make for some tooth-grinding times. But we recognized that what was developing was something very special, and we ground our teeth and shook our manes and everything sorted itself out.
One of the things people kept saying to me throughout the renovation – and which quickly began to drive me nearly ballistic – was “oh, it’ll be so nice/worth it/wonderful when it’s done!” Yeah, I knew that, but the getting it done part was fraught with landmines that seemed to keep blowing up. And of course in the end they were right (do you have any idea how hard it is for me to type that???) and it IS nice, and it IS wonderful, and it WAS worth it.
Interestingly, the same thing applied to that budding, developing relationship. There were a few bumps in the road, but it IS nice, and it IS wonderful, and he IS worth it. And it’s not done yet, not by any means. There are many more years of nice and wonderful and worth it ahead of us!
Stephen thinks our anniversary of meeting should be dated from the day we actually met in person for the first time – a memorable evening, for sure – but I think we should date it from the days we first exchanged messages, because really, that’s when it all began, didn’t it?
So, it’s been six wonderful years since Stephen and I first met, and what a six years it has been! So many changes, so much growth, and so much happiness. We truly are soulmates, and we are so grateful for the circumstances that led us to one another. Here’s to many more years together!

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