A Christmas Surprise that was.

While browsing Facebook a couple months ago I saw that comedian Jeff Dunham would be performing in Hamilton at the end of December. What a lovely Christmas gift for Stephen, I thought, and went looking for tickets. While doing so, I started to second-guess myself, which you’d think by now I’d know not to do, and I ended up not ordering tickets. Several weeks later while talking to Stephen on the phone he told me, all excited like, that Jeff Dunham would be performing in Buffalo. Oh, that’s nice, I told him, and promptly changed the subject, even as I raced to ticketmaster online to find tickets to the Hamilton show!

Tickets ordered, perfect for a Christmas gift, since the show was scheduled for the 29th, I blissfully returned to regularly scheduled life. Until about a week later when Stephen started making noises about going away for the holidays.
Um…gulp…uh oh…… He had suddenly realized Sean and I would be off for the entire week after New Years and thought maybe we should romp off somewhere warm.
Um….gulp….uh oh…… How to stop this without telling him? The more noise he made about a holiday holiday, I had to say something.
“So long as we’re home for the 29th.” I stated unequivocally.
“What? Why?” he asked.
“I can’t tell you but we have to be home for the 29th.”
“Don’t do this to me,” he warned.
“I’m sorry, but we have to be home for the 29th. That’s all I can tell you, so please don’t ask me anything further or you’ll spoil Christmas.” That did it. No one wants to be accused of spoiling Christmas. I could almost hear him snap his mouth shut at the other end of the phone, followed by a sigh as he abandoned all hope of a warm, sunny getaway.
“Ok, so you’ve got tickets to a concert,” he rationalized. “Fine, I won’t ask.”

Just like that, bullet dodged.

Until his last day of work before Christmas, when he was texting with the other driver with whom he shares his truck. This other gentleman was expressing his disinterest in working during the week between Christmas and New Years, in part because he was going to a concert in Niagara Falls on the 29th. Stephen texted back and asked him not to say who they were going to see because his wife had tickets to something that same night and it was to be a surprise, so he’d rather not spoil the surprise, just in case it was for the same concert. The other driver laughed and said, maybe I’ll see you there! Whew! Bullet dodged yet again.

So on Christmas morning Stephen was pleasantly surprised with his tickets to Jeff Dunham, and on the 29th we traipsed off to First Ontario Place in Hamilton, formerly Copps Colisseum. The show was fabulous! We enjoyed every single minute of it, laughing so hard at times tears were pouring down our faces. Dunham put on a great show, with all our favourite characters, and a new one he was trying out – a terrified, jittery mouse named Bob who is an assistant to President Trump. My only complaint would have been the seating. You’d think they could make the seats just a wee bit larger, so you weren’t squashed in like sardines. I swear there’s more leg room on an airplane than there is in First Ontario Place! And considering it’s primarily a hockey arena, which is usually colder than most venues, you’d think they’d have taken into account that people wear coats…which take up room….not comfortable, not comfortable at all. Many of the people around us hugged their coats on their laps the entire time. A bit of a disappointment that was, but the show itself was superb and well worth the considerable effort of keeping the secret!

Next up – we have tickets to Santana in Windsor in mid-March. I have to confess, I am more of a pop/country fan, so when Stephen said he wanted to go to this concert, my reaction was a simple – “Who?????” Yeah, never heard of this performer in my life, not too sure about this, but what the heck, it’s a night out with Stephen, so it’ll be fun.

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