37 Postcards. Or Six Degrees of Separation.

We romped off to Port Burwell Provincial Park with our trailer this weekend. We like Port Burwell. Good restaurants, cute shops, a lighthouse, and that submarine we STILL haven’t managed to tour! HMCS Ojibwa, in case you didn’t know.

On the Friday night we went to the Lighthouse Restaurant for dinner. There was a large table in the middle of the restaurant occupied by a group of people who were talking quite animatedly about something happening later that evening. A show of some sort, I thought.

At the table next to us, a lady with long dark hair and a bandage round one of her ankles was dining with a gentleman. One of the restaurant staff stopped by her table and, while we didn’t mean to eavesdrop, honestly, we learned that she was somehow involved in whatever was going down later, but as “a spectator tonight”. Don’t forget this lady; you’re going to meet her again.

I then noticed a poster beside the bar informing us that the Port Burwell Periscope Playhouse would be presenting a comedy entitled “37 Postcards” on a number of dates, one of which was that night. Aha! That explains it! Everyone in town is off to see the play tonight! Mystery thus solved, we finished our dinner, returned to the park and settled in for the night.

Fast forward to the next morning as we were heading over to the showers. Outside the bathhouse was an information board with Very Important Park Information – and a poster for 37 Postcards. As we were perusing the board, a gentleman wandered by and told us that he had seen the play the previous night and it was quite good. He told us it was in a brand new theater, very small, but nice, and that they had just received their occupancy permit at 4:01 on Thursday, less than four hours prior to their first, members only preview show! He said he picked up his tickets at someone’s house, but it was all good. So we decided, based on his resounding endorsement, to attend. We wrote down the two phone numbers, and when we returned to the trailer Stephen picked one number at random and called. Yes indeed, the lovely British voice informed him, there were tickets available, and yes indeed she would set two aside for him, and he could pick them up at – and she gave her home address.

So off we went to her house – a lovely B&B on a quiet street, where we were greeted by an excited dog of a small persuasion. The lovely English lady came out to greet us, and as she returned inside to retrieve our tickets, her husband came wandering from round the back to see what all the barking was about. Apparently they were expecting B&B guests to arrive, and he thought we might be them. Stephen introduced himself, and me, and the gentleman looked closely at him and announced, “I know you! We used to work together!” Which then spawned the “where did you work, where did you live, oh, THAT’S how I know you” routine. Come to find out they had both been members of a Montreal Kinsmen Club over 20 years ago! Nothing would do but we had to come up onto the porch, sit down in their comfy wicker seating and reminisce about the good old days. We were having a lovely afternoon visit, listening to them get all caught up, when suddenly the gentleman announced, “Oh,here’s Natalie now!” And up the walk came the dark haired lady we had shamelessly eavesdropped on the night before in the restaurant! Introductions were made all round and she animatedly entered into our conversation, delighted to hear we were planning to attend that evening’s performance, where she would be acting as front of the house manager. She was most entertained to hear how we had come to be picking up tickets, and much to our relief, was not at all offended by our accidental eavesdropping!

Long story short, we now have new (old) friends in Port Burwell, and we did go to the play, and it was good, and we both suggest that if you are in the Port Burwell area over the weekends of June 17-19 or 24-26, you should stop by the Port Burwell Periscope Playhouse and catch “37 Postcards” yourself. Just be sure to call ahead for tickets; they were sold out all last weekend. The theater is lovely, but small, seating only 50, which makes for an intimate, more personal performance. And who knows, you might make some new (old) friends too!

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