Things that go crunch in the night…

I woke up rather suddenly in the middle of the night. As I lay there wondering what had woken me up, I heard an unusual noise. It sounded rather like – crunching? I listened carefully. Indeed, it sounded like quite loud crunching. I quietly pushed back the covers and slid out of bed. Stealthily I crept to the kitchen door and paused, listening. There it was again, definitely crunching. I zeroed in on the location of the sound – the drawer beneath my stove.

I was not amused. In the past we have had rodents move in, but I haven’t seen whisker nor poop of any since we had the renovations done. I stood silently, considering my next move. I reached up and turned on the light. The crunching stopped, then resumed. I inched closer and reached down. As quickly as I could, I pulled the drawer open, and took it right out of its track. I crouched down to look. Nothing. Nothing in the drawer, nothing under the stove. Nothing. The noise had stopped. I also couldn’t see any evidence of rodent droppings. I decided to leave well enough alone and go back to bed, leaving the drawer in the middle of the kitchen floor so I could use the unexpected opportunity to clean beneath the stove this morning.

And so, when I got up this morning I began cleaning under my stove. I swept it all out, washed the floor under there, and used a cloth to get all round the little stove feet. I am not fond of cleaning, so this was  monumental for me. I also figured I couldn’t possibly put the drawer back without cleaning it as well, so I emptied all the pans out of it and hoisted it up onto the counter. This was when the trouble began. I tucked a corner of it under the faucet, tipped in a bit of dish soap and turned on the tap.

Did you know that those drawers under the stove are not solid construction? As in – they have tiny gaps at all the corners? And those gaps allow water to pour out as fast as you pour it in? And said water pours all down the cupboard doors in front of the sink and onto the floor, soaking your socks? I hastily stood the drawer up in the sink so no more water would escape, and turned off the faucet. But now I had a problem – how on earth to rinse this thing out? There was soap in it, and if I couldn’t use the sink – and that, my friends is why bathtubs were invented!

Dripping all the way, I carried the drawer to the tub and gently set it down, being very cautious not to scratch the tub. I turned on the shower and watched in satisfaction as all the soapy suds rinsed down the drain, leaving me with a shiny clean drawer. I left it there to drip dry somewhat while I dealt with the flood in the kitchen. Long story short, I now have sparkly clean cupboard doors in front of the sink, and a lovely clean floor in that part of the kitchen. I dried the drawer, put it away, and stowed all the pans safely back where they belong. And that was the point at which I realized I had cut my thumb somehow and it really hurts.

And so it is with some irritation that I am now sitting in front of my computer nursing a sore thumb and munching my morning toast. On second thought, make that “crunching” my morning toast.

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