It’s all in the planning….

So we’re going to Europe this summer. Never thought I’d hear myself say that. Granted, I have already traveled a bit in Europe – a lovely visit to Mimi in Holland; some time spent with Ruth and her family in Vienna with a side trip to Prague; a catastrophic weekend in Paris which left me swearing I would never, ever return; an idyllic week in Geneva with both Ruth and Mimi; and of course visits to the UK to see family. But Italy? Spain? No, as much as I’d like to, I couldn’t see it happening.

Then along came Stephen. Who so thoroughly enjoyed our Bahamas cruise aboard the Disney Dream in the summer that while still on board he booked a seven night Mediterranean cruise for one year later. And as if that weren’t enough, he decided that since we’re going all that way, we might as well make it really worth our while and spend some time in the South of France. And did I mention he’s footing the entire bill for the three of us? Yes, three, because Sean’s going with. I envy that boy. By the age of 15 he will have traveled almost as much as I have at the age of 50!

This could be the trip of a lifetime – oh, wait, I said that about Alaska, didn’t I? At the very least it’s going to be utterly, freaking INCREDIBLE! Or if you want that in French, INCROYABLE!

However, there’s been a fair bit of behind the scenes organizing. And guess who that falls to, since one of us spends most of his time far, far away behind a steering wheel hauling 40,000 pounds of chocolate. Or beer. Or scouring pads. Or bubble wrap. I’m sure you get my point.

So…checklist time. I’m a Leo. We make lists. It’s what we do. And since Stephen is also a true Leo, he totally understands my compulsive need for list making. And encourages it.

Flight: Toronto to Marseilles for three, Aug 3, Booked and paid. CHECK
Rental car for time in France: Stephen’s going to do that this week. He wants to pick the car. Ok, sure.
Villa in Lourmarin, France: (with heated swimming pool) Booked, deposit paid, balance due in June. CHECK
Train from Marseilles to Barcelona Aug 14: Booked and paid. CHECK
Hotel in Barcelona, Aug 14, two rooms: Booked and paid. CHECK
Bus sightseeing tour in Barcelona: Researched and planned. Will buy tickets when there. CHECK
Cruise – 7 nights aboard the Disney Magic, Aug 15-22. Booked and paid. CHECK.
Port excursions in Rome, Nice, Florence/Pisa, and Naples/Pompeii: Reviewed and chosen, cannot book till May 17, pay at end of cruise. CHECK (sort of)
Hotel Aug 22 in Barcelona, two rooms, Booked and paid. CHECK
Flight: Barcelona to Toronto for three, Aug 23, Booked and paid. CHECK

Looking at all the checks, I’d say we’re in pretty good shape. more thing! Fish extender gifts! ARGH! Back to the drawing board! Now where’s my list of participants…..

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One Response to It’s all in the planning….

  1. Tom says:

    Sounds like a truly wonderful trip. You wont even have to worry about Sean and wh is looking after him. I hearthat Sue person is first rate! LOL. Only other thinkis have you given consideration to getting in touch with German?

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