Squash, part deux

I finally decided to buy squash. Stephen and I talked about it and decided to give it a chance. I mean, for 500 points, why not? Enough butter and brown sugar should do the trick.

Every week PC Plus sends me an email reminding me to load that week’s offers onto my card, which I obediently do right away. Imagine my shock to look at this week’s offers and see – WHAT? No squash? They finally gave up on me. Sigh. And I was going to buy the damn thing finally! Oh well.

Usually I buy something or other from my list of offers and I have managed to accumulate 11,100 points. I think I’m doing fine. Imagine therefore my surprise to receive an email from PC Plus today saying the following….

“We noticed you haven’t loaded any offers to your PC Plus™ card. You’re missing out! You could be earning points to put towards dollars off your grocery bill.

We can help you get started. Load your offers now and check out some helpful links below. You’ll be on your way to rewards in no time.”

Say what?

And in the same email it pointed out that I currently have 11,100 points. Someone want to tell me how I could’ve earned the points if I hadn’t loaded them to my card? I’m so confused.

I think they’re just messing with my mind. They want me to feel bad for not buying the squash. Maybe I should mess with them and go buy squash anyway, points be damned….

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