Squirrel vs Caterpillar….

I read somewhere that you can tell how severe the winter ahead will be by the fluffiness of the squirrel tails. Big fluffy tail means nasty winter. Scrawny tail means mild winter.

My neighbourhood has a plethora of squirrels. Well, seriously, why not, considering the number of evil walnut trees we have – most of which were likely planted by those same squirrels’ great-great-however many greats- grandparents! Tonight I was watching two of them romping around on a roof. One had a massive fluffy tail while the other had a miserable, scrawny, rat-like tail. So which is it – a harsh winter or a mild one?

Methinks perhaps we shouldn’t rely too much on squirrel tails to forecast our weather. Now woolly bear caterpillars – those little guys are on the ball! The wider the middle section, the milder the winter. Conversely, a narrow middle colour means a harsh winter. I haven’t seen any woollies yet, but I’ll keep you posted on their tummy widths!

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