On Job Seeking

I love my job. I’ve driven school bus for seven whole years now and absolutely love it. Have right from the first time I sat behind the wheel.

Over the past year I’ve been thinking it’s time to move on; find something different, something more challenging and, let’s be honest, something that brings home a bit more money. I considered going back to retail, but seriously, the hours and being on my feet simply didn’t interest me anymore. One of my dreams is to drive motorcoach, but I wasn’t certain I wanted to take that leap just yet. I read Brant Jobs religiously, looking for just the right job to leap out at me. Then last August I picked up my school bus after a summer off. I circle checked it and headed for my parking spot. As soon as I got that bus moving, I knew. This is what I wanted to do. Not retail, not anything else, but driving. Driving what, I wasn’t sure, but driving was what I wanted. So I waited. It’s been my experience that if I am patient, things fall into place better than if I try to hurry them along. And I kept reading Brant Jobs.

Which is how I found out about the really cool sounding job driving an airport shuttle van to and from Buffalo Airport. And truly, it was cool. I absolutely loved it. I love driving, I loved Buffalo Airport, I loved the people, I loved the tips. What I didn’t love was the company. My driving career has been spent in a company where safety was top priority; where a vehicle with any lights on the dash is pulled out of service till it’s checked out. Suffice it to say, I had some issues with the shuttle company, and the day I was expected to drive to Buffalo with FOUR warning lights illuminated on my dash was the day I wrote my letter of resignation.

Back to Brant Jobs.

And then one morning I went into the bus company office to drop off some paperwork, and much to my surprise was called into the manager’s office. Uh oh, I thought. What have I done wrong? Far from it. She told me they were looking for a new trainer, and was I interested? After I gathered my jaw up from the floor where it had fallen, I said yes, certainly I was interested. She interviewed me on the spot. The interview went well, but there was one other person being considered for the position. Truthfully, had I known who it was, I would have stepped back and said not to bother interviewing me, just to hire her. I have a lot of respect for that driver, and while I knew I would make a good trainer, I felt she would be an even better one. Though I will admit to being disappointed not to end up getting the position.

Back to Brant Jobs. I had also been checking the city website several times a week watching for them to post for city transit positions, which is something else that had interested me. Now, I left for Costa Rica on Feb 28, returning March 8. I spent the weekend doing laundry, then I took the kids to Ottawa. When I came back, I checked the city site. Still nothing. What I didn’t know then, but found out later was that the position of city transit driver had been posted Feb 27, taken down Mar 12, with a cutoff for submitted resumes of Mar 25. I completely missed it. Disappointed once again, I told Stephen, and his words were, “Well, then maybe it simply wasn’t meant to be. Don’t worry. Something will come along.”

And something did. I received a phone call asking if I was still interested in a trainer position at the bus company, as the decision had been made to hire another one. I said yes, of course, and after two others were interviewed, I was informed that I had been selected! I was absolutely over the moon! Finally, something that lets me do what I love, share that love with others, AND bring home a bit of extra money as well! I was so excited!

I had to attend a training program in Burlington during the week of May 5-9. I was apprehensive at first, but needn’t have been. It was a wonderful week. Very intense, covering a great deal of information, but also a lot of fun, designed to get us thinking outside the box, and stepping outside our comfort zone. I got to drive a city transit bus AND a Greyhound motor coach! I was in absolute heaven with that one! It was an amazing week, during which I made some incredible new friends, found great new contacts within the industry, and earned my MTO signing authority, granting me the right to train, test and sign off on the licenses of people seeking to drive a school bus. There may still be a motor coach job somewhere in my future, but for now I am staying right where I am.

Professional school bus driver and driver trainer. That’s me.

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One Response to On Job Seeking

  1. Tom Story says:

    What will be will be Sue. I rather doubt that this is the end of your journey but life unfolds as it will not as we would like. Believe me Iknow this well. However all that happens gets you ready for whatever is coming your way. Your earning the priviledge of training other drivers is going to look rather good on any resume you send in for any driving job you could ever apply for. You can also state that youhave at the very least driven a motor coach in traffic in a city an lived totell the tale. How far up the ladder is that going to take you in the competition for any job involving a motor and people? Kudos to you for what you have accomplished so far. I await with curiosity to see whaat comes next!

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