Costa Rica, Part Three: On Sloths and Skunks

To finish off our wonderful private excursion to the volcano, our guide took us to a seafood restaurant in Coco Beach. He and Stephen both had fish while I had delicious grilled chicken. The food was a huge improvement on what we knew we would have had if we had eaten the “traditional Costa Rican fare” as originally planned! Over lunch we learned a lot about our guide. He had been born in Belgium, the son of a diplomat, and during his life he has lived in 17 or 18 countries, he wasn’t quite sure, and has visited at least 53. And of all those, he has chosen to settle in Costa Rica. Says a lot about the country right there, doesn’t it.

We also discussed sloths. I told him about my joke with Brianna about seeing sloths and he warned me that I would be highly unlikely to actually see one, since they stay high up in the canopy and only come down once every eight days to poop. We told him we were booked to go to Monteverde the next day, and he assured us we would enjoy that trip. He didn’t know what tour he was leading the next day.

When we got back to the hotel, every muscle in both our bodies ached. We were tired and somewhat bleary eyed, however since we had reservations that evening for dinner at the a la carte restaurant, we figured we’d better perk up. So we went swimming. Well, Stephen went swimming; I merely soaked up to the neck near the side.

Dinner that evening was very romantic. The a la carte restaurant, Heliconias, is quite small and intimate. The lighting was dim, and as night fell around us a lovely breeze off the ocean wafted through the open sides. I don’t actually remember what we ate, but I will never forget the way Stephen looked at me. If I’d ever had any doubts that he loves me, they’d have been shot down that night for sure.

As we walked back across the resort, holding hands, we were surprised by a small creature ambling across the path ahead of us. We looked at one another.
“Is that what I think it is?” I asked.
“If you think it’s a skunk, you’re right.” Stephen replied.
So the two of us stood motionless while Mr. Skunk toddled across the path and made his way slowly up a staircase to our right. When it was safe, we returned to our room and, as had become our custom, sat out on our balcony as Orion moved into view over the ocean. A lovely ending to a wonderful day.

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One Response to Costa Rica, Part Three: On Sloths and Skunks

  1. Tom Story says:

    Being that close to a skunk is interesting isn’t it? I had a similar experience while Iwas sitting on the front step of this one person’s home. Baby skunks on parade came by and one thought my shoes were the most interesting thing he/she had ever seen. I did not know that I could sit that still. Itisalways interestingto see the animals in a foreign country. One cannot help but learn and be educated.

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