Potential Brantford Expositor News Report, page one!

The quick thinking and resourcefulness of a pair of local safety patrols and their school bus driver have been credited with averting a potentially tragic situation aboard a local school bus early this morning.

The incident unfolded at approximately 8:38AM, when the bus driver noticed that one of her small passengers was brandishing a toothbrush in the air. The driver, Susan Stilwell, 49, a six year veteran with Sharp Bus Lines, quickly dispatched one of her safety patrols to ascertain the nature of the problem. The patrol determined that the young student was distraught because she had forgotten to brush her teeth prior to leaving for school, and was demanding that the bus be turned around so she could return home to take care of that vital matter of personal hygiene. Under Stilwell’s guidance, the safety patrols disarmed the fuzzy toothed young offender, stowing the toothbrush securely in the bottom of her backpack.

“It’s always a concern when you don’t know what the kids have in their backpacks,” Stilwell said following the incident. “Something as simple as a toothbrush, or a crayon can become a lethal weapon in innocent hands. Why, I once had students disassemble a teddy bear pencil sharpener and use the blade to slash seats on the bus!” Stilwell went on to say how relieved she was that today’s incident ended calmly and safely, with no injuries and no need for local officials to be called in.

School board officials could not be reached to comment on the incident, and no comment was available from either of the safety patrols as they were unable to hear our reporter’s questions due to the high volume of music blasting through their IPod headphones.

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