It’s Saturday night…

…and I’m sitting home with no date.

That’s not entirely unusual. Dating a trucker has its downsides – the most obvious one being that he goes to work one morning and comes home a week – or more – later. He’s here for his 36 hour reset, changes some light bulbs, kills a few bugs, fixes whatever broke since his last reset, and off he goes again.

Now, I knew this would happen sooner or later, in fact, I should count myself lucky it hasn’t happened multiple times before – he’s not coming home for his reset. Am I mad that he’s not coming home? Not a chance. Happy for him, yes; envious, you’re damn right, but mad, no.

You see, my trucker gets to spend his reset somewhere on the Gulf Coast of Texas. Sucks to be him, don’t you think? He knew he had enough hours to get down there, but not home. He took the run anyway – seriously, who would turn down a 1300 mile run? – and had the blessings of the Dispatch Gods to spend his reset down there.

When he’ll be home is anyone’s guess, so I guess I’ll just live with a dead light bulb, kill my own bugs, and try not to break anything else until I see him again.

*note* The author is perfectly capable of changing her own light bulbs under normal circumstances, however, when the base of the bulb remains in the socket after she takes out the glass part, she quietly admits defeat and waits for her trucker to come home to deal with it.

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One Response to It’s Saturday night…

  1. Heather Smedley says:

    hey Sue…..a raw potato shoved onto the broken bits of the light bulb will allow you to turn it to remove it safely.

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