I watched a squirrel take a nap. Really.

Yesterday Julie came to visit. This was especially nice because it has been ages since we’ve been able to carve out the time to just sit and catch up. It used to be that we would keep up on the goings on in our lives as either Julie or Michael would stop in to pick up whichever of their kids I happened to be caring for at the time – first Laura, then Janson. But as kids grew up, schedules became more hectic, and life just got busier, it became more and more difficult to find the time to get together. Either Julie was off to a hockey tournament with Janson, or I was schlepping my kids off to karate.

So yesterday was a gift to ourselves – an entire afternoon, uninterrupted, spent enjoying my new yard, my pool, and one another’s company.

And the squirrel.

I don’t like the sun. When out in the yard I tend to move from chair to chair to attempt to stay in the shade of the umbrella, and it was following one of those moves that I noticed the squirrel. My neighbours have a massive maple tree which overhangs the back corner of my pool (and drops tons of shit in my pool as well, but that’s a whole other story!). On one of the branches there was a squirrel. He was stretched out flat on the branch, unmoving, except his tail, which was hanging down being gently ruffled by the breeze. I watched him for a while. He didn’t move a muscle. I pointed him out to Julie and we both watched him. He still didn’t move. We continued our conversation, but both kept an eye on the squirrel. He remained motionless for about twenty minutes, at which point we noticed a front paw twitch. Then his head moved. Then he slowly drew himself up to a sitting position, stretching out as he did, and began to groom himself, tidying his fur, ruffled from his nap. When he was satisfied he was as dapper as a squirrel should be, he left his branch and disappeared round the far side of the tree, presumably to resume his usual squirrely activities – you know, things like sitting in the walnut tree throwing walnut shells at unsuspecting people below.

And Julie and I carried on with our visit, finding it as refreshing and enjoyable as our squirrel friend had no doubt found his nap.


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