Can you see me?

Before you read this entry, you need to go watch this video otherwise nothing will make any sense to you. Go ahead, watch it now, I’ll just wait right here till you’re done.

Brianna had sent me the link to that video and I laughed hysterically at it. Just loved the commentary! Later that evening I was in the shower and she needed to come in to use the bathroom, which is ok, because you can’t see through my shower curtain. As she was getting settled, I said loudly from behind the curtain, “I cannot see you! You cannot see me! I am hidden!” Needless to say, she laughed.

We showed the video to Stephen later, and he found it just as funny.

That’s your background information, now we get to the main part of the story.

When I ride with Stephen in the truck, I always follow his instructions to the letter. He’s the boss, it’s his job to keep me safe. He insists I wear a hi-vis glow in the dark safety vest at all times when wandering around a truck stop. I don’t blame him. You see, a truck stop can be a treacherous place, particularly at night, and in bad weather. You would think that the driver would have a clear range of vision, seated as he is high above the pavement. This is not the case, especially if a person is walking too close to the front of the truck.  For this reason, Stephen also insists we walk at least ten feet away from the front bumpers of the trucks, in order to be seen. You never know when one of them might be set to pull out. Now, you might think it would be obvious when a truck is about to pull out – it would have its engine running and its lights on. Well….no, see, quite a few trucks leave their parking lights on all night, and many of the trucks have auxiliary power units running all night to power their a/c or heating. Thus the noise level at a truck stop is extremely loud, so you’re not going to be able to distinguish which one is revving its engine about to pull out…

So there we were, walking back to the truck in the dark after dinner, keeping the required distance in front of the trucks, our safety vests glowing. I glanced up at a driver in one of the trucks, then commented to Stephen, “You know, if we weren’t wearing our vests, it might be a case of – I cannot see you. You cannot see me. I am dead!”

Hmmm, maybe you had to be there, but he sure thought it was funny! And so did the kids when I called to check on them and told them about it.


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