On camp food….misconception #1 dispelled.

I confess, when I thought of “camping” and “food” in the same sentence, it conjured up images of a constant diet of hamburgers, hot dogs, toasted marshmallows and canned pork and beans. Why? Damned if I know, but it did. Mind you, I had never gone camping with Stephen before.

I think I’ve mentioned that Stephen loves to cook. He finds it relaxing and enjoyable, and he derives pleasure from experimenting with new spice combinations. He says he enjoys cooking for me because I am always so appreciative of his efforts – well, DUH, that’s a no-brainer! I whole-heartedly despise cooking in any form, so anytime he cooks for me, yes, I AM deeply appreciative because it saves me from having to cook! So, as any girlfriend worth her salt should do, I make a point of telling him how good the meal was (because it always is) and how much I appreciate him cooking for me (because I do!)

Where was I? Oh, right, Stephen loves to cook, and he views a camp stove as just a cooking surface like any other. No hot dogs, hamburgers or canned beans on his stove, no sir, no how! The second time we went camping – oh, wait, I believe I neglected to mention that not only did I go camping with him that first time, I also went out a second time, just two weeks later. Anyhow, on the first night we had salmon cooked in a tin foil envelope with lemon, basil and an assortment of other spices, served with mixed vegetables. Delish! The second night we had grilled chicken, lightly seasoned with something or other that tasted marvellous, served on a bed of multi-grain rice cooked with assorted veggies. He told me the fancy name for it, but I forget. All I remember is how good it tasted! He also made a cheese sauce to drizzle over the whole thing. The third night he flambeed a pork tenderloin which he served with pasta and tomato sauce. He mixed the leftover cheese sauce in with the tomato sauce, which gave it a yummy zing.

For breakfast we generally had bread or bagels toasted just right on the grill, along with either cereal and milk or fresh fruit. Lunch was usually out, generally at Timmies or Harveys, but a few times we did sandwiches at our campsite.

So, there went my first misconception about camping up in smoke – cooking smoke, that is.


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