On returning to real life after Cuba….

We arrived home on the Sunday night to the news that Stephen’s dad had been admitted to hospital and wasn’t expected to make it through the night. However, Stephen phoned the hospital at 6:30 am Monday morning while trying to decide whether to set out for work or not, and the hospital said he was holding his own and had made it through the night. So Stephen went off to work. He was on his way to somewhere in Ohio when he got the call that his dad had passed away. He finished his run, spending long hours on the phone while on the road sorting out arrangements with his family. Thank goodness for Bluetooth!

He came home Tues evening and we spent some time sorting photos to be copied and displayed at the memorial. He’s so fortunate – he has an entire album of letters from his dad over a span of years. Each letter contained a photo, and told the story of the photo. He has preserved these in page protectors, each one holding a letter and the corresponding photo. What a thing to treasure! And what a great idea for anyone looking to pass on family memories….

I took the Friday (March 22nd, I think) off work and we went to Ottawa for the memorial service on Sat. It was very odd sitting at a service like that as part of the family, yet not actually knowing any of the family. I felt a bit like a gate crasher. I did get to meet most of his extended family, and some of his closest friends, but I think the special part of the weekend for me was having the opportunity to have dinner both evenings with Stephen and his brother, and listen to the two of them reminisce about their parents, and growing up in various locations around Canada. Their dad sounds like an amazing man, and I wish I’d had the chance to get to know him better. I am thankful, however, that I had the opportunity to meet him when I did.

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