My daughter has a new boyfriend. I haven’t blogged about all this shit that’s been going on because she reads my blog. Suffice it to say, she dumped Josh and moved on to someone new so fast my head was spinning.

Last week Stephen had surgery and is staying with me while he “rests and recuperates”. I put that in quotes because resting is alien to him. The morning after surgery he was up making me breakfast when I got home from work. And so the week has gone on.

Yesterday morning he was making pancakes when my darling daughter staggered through the kitchen sporting a rather noticeable hickey on her neck. I was not impressed. Very not impressed. Stephen didn’t miss a beat though. He went to the freezer, took out an ice cube, tossed it to her and said, “Put that in a face cloth and hold it on your neck. It’ll make it go away.” Obediently, she did. She held it against her neck till her elbow ached, then she used her shoulder to hold it in place. She opened doors with one hand. Used the bathroom with one hand. Played on the computer with her neck at an awkward angle holding it against her shoulder. At one point, Stephen came along with a fresh ice cube, which she put in her face cloth.

What she didn’t know all day long was that right after she left the kitchen, ice cube in place, I whispered to Stephen, “Does that really work?”
“No,” he replied. “But how else can you spank an eighteen year old?”

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One Response to Hehehehe…

  1. Tom Story says:

    The man is my kind of evil.

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