Found this online and liked it….

Letter to a Trucker’s Wife

It’s time we had a little talk about the one you call your man.
I know how much you love him, but I’ll steal him if I can.
You know even when he’s with you, thoughts of me are in his head.
But then, I’ve heard him call your name when he is in my bed.

He calls me his baby, and he holds me oh so tight.
He whispers secrets to me as we travel through the night.
He buys me lots of little things; he loves to see me shine.
I take him places that you can’t in my bid to make him mine.

Don’t try to use your children; you see, they like me too.
But even when they’re with me I know they’re missing you.
I realize you love him, and I wish you lots of luck.
Just remember, he is also mine.

Signed; The Truck

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