Last night at dinner we were talking about yogurt. Specifically, plain yogurt. According to Stephen, plain yogurt tastes like sour milk, and he is bewildered by the current advertising campaigns advocating going back to the goodness of plain yogurt. He says we started putting stuff in our yogurt for a reason – no one would eat it otherwise.

Which led to a conversation about my mom, who used to eat plain yogurt, but who would add fruit to it to make it more palatable. We talked specifically about what Brianna used to call “baby monsters”. Mom used to get these jars of cherries imported from some god-forsaken place and she could never get the lids off. Even I had a hard time with them, so I would often bring home a jar of cherries for Paul to manhandle the lid off, and then take them back to Mom. Brianna thought the cherries in the jars looked quite creepy, like baby monsters in fact, and the name stuck. When Mom would read me her grocery list, if it contained cherries, I would actually write on the paper “baby monsters”.

After I made the comment about Paul taking the lids off, Brianna made some offhand remark about maybe that being why Grandma died – she knew she wouldn’t be able to get into baby monster jars anymore. I have no idea where it came from but Sean quipped, “Way to go, Dad! You killed Grandma!” And the entire room howled. The timing was so perfect, the tone of voice so deadpan, the leap of connection so huge – absolutely hilarious!

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One Response to Wow…

  1. Tom Story says:

    Plain Yogurt is lousy tasting. My mother used to eat it that way & I could never understand why one would do this when you didn’t have to. If you have plain yogurt try mixing in some plain honey. Then try adding the fruit of your choice. between the two plain becomes palatable & even tasty

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