Ok, my bad. It’s been almost a month since I last posted an entry. I’m surprised Dawn isn’t breathing down my neck wanting to know what’s going on. Then again, maybe she’s too busy with school…

Christmas was absolutely lovely. I did all the things with the kids that I usually do, and this year added one new thing – well, in addition to putting the tree in a different spot, lol. Earlier this fall there had been a huge uproar in the city about a holiday light display on a home in town. Apparently it was quite extravagant and drew spectators from all over the city. The neighbours objected. They were upset by the traffic on their otherwise quiet street, the noise and pollution from the idling cars, and the garbage left behind. I see their point. They wanted the city to put a limit on the size of a single family display. Rather grinch-like, I thought. In a rare brilliant move, the city came up with a solution – move the display to a community park where everyone could see it! So the Joysey lights were moved to Glenhyrst, volunteers stepped up to provide security, solve logistics, and man the art gallery so viewers of the lights could purchase hot chocolate, munchies – and hopefully take a wander through the art gallery in awe (I use the term loosely) of the artistic brilliance (I use that loosely also) on display. I am not an artsy person.

So on Christmas Eve the kids and I bundled up and went over to Glenhyrst to see the lights. We weren’t disappointed. They were lovely. In addition to the main tableau, lights had been strung through the trees, and the art gallery had been decorated. We had a wonderful time. On leaving the gallery, we decided to drive by a home on Parkside Dr which is usually extravagantly decorated. We had gone by last year, but it was in darkness, so this year we were delighted to find it alight – and Santa handing out candy canes in the driveway! The kids got out of the car and ran over to visit with him for a bit. I stayed in the warmth.

Stephen arrived very late on Christmas Eve – one might say Santa dropped him off when he flew by with the sleigh. No matter that, what mattered was that he was here and would spend Christmas with us.

Christmas morning was also lovely. We spent over two hours opening our gifts – because of course we take the time to open everything individually and appreciate what has been chosen for us. The kids liked everything they got – and absolutely nothing had to be returned or exchanged! Damn, I’m good! Stephen was very impressed with the framed layout I had made him of his trucking pictures.

I cooked turkey and all the extras for dinner, and we had a delicious feast. By bedtime we were all exhausted, and somewhat glad to call it a night.

Stephen stayed over Boxing Day, then went back to work on the 27th. I took the kids to Paul on the 28th, and Stephen came home again that night. I think he rather enjoyed having me all to himself. He gets along well with the kids, but I sensed he liked the time we had alone. There weren’t many loads going out over the next couple days, so he ended up staying home right through New Years. We got all dressed up New Years Eve and went to the Symposium Cafe for a lovely dinner. We must be getting old because we were in bed before 10. Fireworks at midnight? Really?

New Years Day we picked up the kids and went out for dinner. Then the next day – Stephen went back to work, but this time, I went with him! I’m tired now, so I’m going to make you wait till tomorrow for my On The Road anecdotes. Suffice it to say, I had a blast!

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