Baffled, I am…

I suppose by now I shouldn’t be at all surprised that Paul is yet again thinking only of himself, and not of how his actions affect others – primarily, his children.

Case in point one. Today the children received Christmas cards from their dad. Addressed by the Floozy, but signed by daddy dearest. How did he sign them? “Love from Dad, Dawn and kids”. So, as if my kids weren’t already feeling like their father has abandoned them and replaced them with a new family, he has to rub it in? Gee, thanks.

Case in point two. Today each of the kids also received invitations to their father’s wedding. Brief aside – I honestly think this is the tackiest, most inconsiderate, rudest, most ignorant thing I have heard of. Did he spare a thought for even a second as to how that would make ME feel? Seeing the invitations to his wedding to the cheap slut he left me for? Gee, thanks Paul, like you haven’t hurt me enough already, you had to add insult to injury. One of these days the gloves are going to come off and I will tell you exactly what I think of your immature, childish, self-centered, fucking asinine behaviour. Until then, I bite my tongue for the childrens’ sakes.
How did the kids react to the invitations? Brianna went through nearly a whole box of kleenex crying. Sean burned his in the sink. (He did ask my permission first, and we had the tap running and the fire extinguisher handy)

So Mr Paul waltzes off to his new life with his new family, and I am left holding together the pieces for my – our- children. The ones he doesn’t seem to think of much.

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One Response to Baffled, I am…

  1. Tom says:

    I read your blog. I don’t know what to say,do or even think. I’m speechless. Call me if you need to talk, yell at someone or whatever

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