Paul announced his intention of picking the kids up to take them out for lunch Sunday. We assumed this had something to do with his having missed Brianna’s birthday…
Sat night Sean noticed his cousin’s facebook status referred to going out for lunch the next day, and she had tagged Paul, Brianna and Sean. Interesting.
When he came to pick them up, he brought in B’s birthday gift, and said she should open it then. She said she’d assumed she’d open it at the restaurant, but he said no, now.
Off they went.

Turns out the purpose of the ‘family gathering’ was to announce that he and Floozy will be getting married Jan 12. He wants Brianna and Sean to stand up with him. Neither of them have a clue what that means. But that is a moot point, because neither of them are at all impressed with his news.

My only comment is – wow, the ink isn’t even dry on the divorce papers, which actually won’t be official till Dec 7. Rush much?

And now I find myself having to help my kids make sense of their father’s re-marriage. None of this was in any manual I ever read. They knew it was coming, expected it, but somehow when it’s really happening, it seems more hurtful, shocking, whatever. All I know is that Brianna is devastated. She’s not totally sure herself why this is. She doesn’t like Dawn, granted. My theory is that, without being aware of it in her conscious mind, a part of her subconscious has been hoping that her parents would reconcile, and him marrying someone else kills off that remote hope. Whatever the reason, she is not happy. At all.

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One Response to So….

  1. tom says:

    This is totally unfair for/to the kids. He is asking for their stamp of approval but he isn’t offering them a chance really to say no. I can totally understand Brianna’s position. All I can suggest is to give her support and sympathy as needed. Let her work out her own feelings and position. She is both old enough and smart enough for this and will resent any attempt at coercion. This cannot be fun for anyone.

    p.s. maybe he cannot look after himself and so needs a keeper

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