Holiday party

I had my annual holiday party Sat night. In truth it was little more than an opportunity to show off my lovely renovations and gather all my friends together to show off Stephen….

And he did show off to good advantage. He dressed up – he does clean up well! – and was Mr Congeniality all evening. He greeted people at the door, introduced himself usually before I had a chance to, and took people’s coats. He poured punch, prepared food, tidied, and just generally impressed people with how wonderful he is. Several of my friends pulled me aside to tell me he’s definitely a keeper, and to say how happy they are that I’ve found happiness with him.

The party went well. There was plenty of food, everyone chatted with one another, and everyone stayed well past the ‘official’ end time of 9pm. I had left out my scrapbook album of the renovation, and I think everyone who was here looked through it. I gave a number of tours of the renovations, and everyone was duly impressed with the magnificent job my designer and contractor did.

I think it’s fair to say that a good time was had by all.

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