A thought…

I thinked a think today, as Winnie the Pooh might say. And that think went something like this…

If you have a bad experience with something, chances are you’re going to avoid it like the plague forever more. I remember being violently sick one night after eating KFC, and not being able to so much as think about KFC without feeling queasy for ages after.

I have no real intention of marrying again. Been there, done that, didn’t go so well, so why try again? True, I’m not ruling it out totally, in a keep my options open kind of thing, but it’s not even appearing on my bucket list. You think maybe my experience with marriage wasn’t all that great? I quite like life as it is. I like being independent, on my own, but yet I also like having Stephen’s companionship when he’s here. Our relationship as it is now suits both of us quite nicely. Marriage is not in the cards.

Yet Paul….is rushing into marriage again, mere weeks after being divorced from his first marriage. Am I alone in thinking that perhaps this indicates that his experience with marriage wasn’t so completely negative? (despite indications to the contrary, lol) Of course this could indicate a number of other things – he’s totally henpecked; he can’t be bothered doing his own stuff and has found someone dumb enough to wait on him hand and foot; he’s found someone who bows down and worships at the altar of Paul…who knows. But for me, for now, I think I’d like to believe that he wasn’t as turned off marriage as I have been, that for him, it wasn’t so negative.

Just my think for today.

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3 Responses to A thought…

  1. tom says:

    Don’t know. You may be right or he may be incapable of looking after himself. Good thinking though

    • Cheryl Reid says:

      Most men remarry faster than females. They want to be looked after and we…we are tired of taking care of someone incapable of looking after themselves. Myself, I would marry again.

  2. Tom says:

    Just a BTW; Ever read the statistics re second marriages?? Have a look. pay special attention to the one regarding those who remarry within a year of the divorce. Not nice.

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