Movin’ On…

Ok, so last night sucked. Big Time. As in tears, whining, texting with Brenda, and finally breaking down and phoning Marion. But that’s ok. I knew it was going to be emotional, and I figure I have to allow myself to work through the emotions. No point bottling them up and keeping them in. Let them out, cry if I have to, face it head on and deal with it once and for all. More or less.

Today was a great day. I have been getting a bunch of little things done that I’ve been putting off, which is satisfying, and I’ve started getting out my Christmas decorations. Which is challenging, courtesy of TriStar. You may recall they unpacked all my boxes of decorations, threw out my boxes, and repacked everything into their own massive cartons. Thank gods nothing broke, but it necessitated the purchase of many plastic storage totes, and the re-packing of our decorations. Which means nothing is really with what it belongs with, since we re-packed as we found, more or less. We did manage to get all the wrapping supplies in one tote, and I think all the tree decorations are in one tote, but all the rest of it is just mushed in the other totes. So I’m having to work at this rather slowly….

In the area at the bottom of my stairs, which we affectionately call the “Antique Corner”, I have my grandmother’s cedar chest, which is now adorned with a festive pine candle holder. I also have my grandfather’s chair, now reupholstered, which has had a holiday cushion added on it’s seat. Also down there is my great aunt’s desk, which has become the home for a lighted ceramic holiday toy shop, a gift from many years ago from my mother in law. It looks quite nice down there!

I’m starting to feel quite festive, and I like it. Now on to the rest of the house….

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