Update to the update…

In today’s mail I received notice that my petition for divorce had been heard by the court, and granted on Nov 6. As of Dec 7, the divorce is final. 

Why does it hurt so much?

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One Response to Update to the update…

  1. Tom says:

    It hurts because you were married and committed to your marriage and your partner. This held for many years. You are human and as such you will mourn and you miss what was and was supposed to be forever. Give yourself a break!! You are allowed this. You are a good person and this is part of why it hurts. If it didn’t you would maybe have done something that ended the marriage rather than having it ended on you. BUT that isn’t you. You had no boyfriends. You looked after your family as best you could. Yes you may have made errors or done poorly at some things, I know I did, but again it wasn’t for lack of trying that these happened. It hurts yes. & it will hurt any good person. The bad person has already moved on before the marriage is even dead.

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