A day of scrapbooking…

I spent today scrapbooking at “Croptoberfest”. Exactly as it sounds. A room full of cheerful, chatty women, snipping, cropping, embellishing and sharing ideas and memories. My project for the day was to get a good start (or finish?) on my renovation album. I had chosen an album, a colour scheme, bought paper, figured out embellishments, and even done most of my journalling on the computer well ahead of time. I figured I was all set, and if I really applied myself, I should be able to almost complete the album in one day.

What I didn’t count on was my eyes. I’m getting older. Really. No big deal, it doesn’t bother me, except when I need to see something up close, and for that I need reading glasses. I don’t need them for the computer, so I don’t really wear them alot. However I DO need them for scrapbooking, so I had them on all day. Well, except when I was walking around because then things tend to get rather swimmy and blurry, so I take them off to walk.

I ended up with a monster headache. The “tight band around your skull behind your eyes” kind of thing. And it won’t go away. I had to quit a bit early – as in, before I finished the album – and come home. I lay down for a half hour in my dark bedroom, but it didn’t help. So I’m going to bed early, and hopefully the headache will be gone by morning because I have a Very Busy Day ahead!

I am very pleased with what I got done on the album though. It looks nice, and there’s really not much left to finish off.  And thus ends another Saturday.

Oh, I nearly forgot. The lady sitting behind me was working on layouts from an Alaskan cruise. I saw one of her layouts. She saw whales. I hate her.

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One Response to A day of scrapbooking…

  1. Tom says:

    Take my advice Sue. Go out and buy a pair of precription lenses Plano on top and whatever strenght you need on the bottom. It’s called no more headaches & no more lost glasses. Since my operations i don’t need glasses at all for everyday stuff. I need them only for reading. between headaches, lost glassses,etc.etc. it was hell on wheels. Now I have the no line bifocals & I just wear them. You could do that OR just wear them as needed. either way no more headaches

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