Of – well, of – um – oh, hell, I don’t know what it’s of!

I was reading one of my favourite blogs the other day and the author made the comment that she forces herself to write every day even if she has nothing at all to write about. Her logic is that if you skip a day, that day becomes two, and three, and a week, and before you know it, Dawn is sending nasty messages to your Facebook inbox because you haven’t written anything lately….oh, wait, that’s me, not her. But her point is valid.

Periodically, I have all these good intentions to write in my blog every day. And then I find myself sitting here staring at a blank screen wondering what the phoque to write about. (And for those of you who missed my educational facebook status conversation with my kids the other day, ‘phoque’ is the French word for ‘seal’. And ‘morse’ is the French word for walrus. Both phoques and morses, along with penguins, made appearances in that conversation.)

So…what’s going on in my life lately? Hmmm…. my route was changed by the transportation department the other day. One stop was dropped and another added, and I have parents who are royally pissed off! Not with me, with the department. That’s exciting news, eh?
And Brianna won several awards at school for her academic performance last year. She was on the honour roll, and picked up an award for History, and another one that no one seems to know what it’s for. We’ll find out on Thurs morning at the awards ceremony.
Sean is – well, Sean. He’s doing a project on polar bears (les oursons polaires – which explains how we got talking about phoques and morses). I also have to find him a box for his Halloween costume. He’s being some person from some website called Minecraft, and needs a square head….
And Stephen and I are still together. He sends me the sweetest text messages….
Yesterday he told me he was sitting in a truck stop enjoying a bowl of Timmies chilli, and he went on to say, “And I’m thinking about the prettiest girl I know, and in case there is any confusion or room for a joke there, she happens to be you.”
The day before, I received the following text: “You home? I am sitting waiting for my dock to free up. I can call – rephrase – I would love to call my special girl and hear her laugh and smile on the phone. Then I would like to think about her all day after.”
And for humorous content, try this one from Saturday: “It’s Saturday! Whoopie! I love Saturdays. No traffic, no school buses, no commuters. I get to drive my truck!”
Apparently he thought better of what he said, because hot on the cyber waves of that message came this one: “Ooops. I like school buses. I mean, we need yellow on the highway. What would the world be without school buses. Let’s hear it for school buses! YEAH!”
I really like this man.

And I think that’s about all the news for now. Things are quiet at the moment, which is good, because I’ve had more than my fair share of upheaval, both good and bad. Quiet is welcome. No need for anymore phoque-ing upheaval here.

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