I have to say, I’m doing well with my new route! Today was the third day of school, and I’m proud to announce that I ran my route both this morning and this evening without referring to my directions at all!

And the attendance system at Fairview well and truly sucks, and is totally useless. A child from my bus got on Kim’s bus, and a child from Kim’s bus got on the other Sue’s bus….and the attendance system isn’t set up to catch that….why waste our time then?

Anyhow, what I really wanted to blog about was an incident on Charing Cross, across from the cemetery, where I have a stop for which I get to use my fancy red flashy lights to stop FOUR whole lanes of traffic. Pretty heady, that. I have a little fellow named Mason who gets off there, but he doesn’t seem terribly aware that he’s supposed to get off….Mom is standing at the door with their dog, I’m calling him, and he’s still staring out the window. This has to change. I’ll be warning him ahead of time that his stop is next…

So there I was, waiting for Mason to clue in that he was supposed to get off, and I noticed a woman in the first car on the other side of the road not stopping. She could see the lights, she just chose to drive right on by. I honked at her, pointed at her in kind of a “hey, you, stupid lady!” motion, but she just glared at me and kept going. Then, damn me if the car behind her, which had stopped, started moving to pass as well! I hit the horn at him also – just as his red and blue flashing lights came on! It was an unmarked cruiser! And he pulled the woman over not even two blocks from where she passed me! Well done, Brantford Police! That doesn’t happen often, but it sure feels good when it does!

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