Moving home, part 2: the aftermath.

The week after we moved in was simply crazy. There’s no other word. Pam and Jeff (the contractor) stopped by on Monday to make sure everything was working and that we were happy. Jeff showed me the shut off valve for the outside water tap, but when he turned it on, we realized it was leaking outside. He was immediately on the phone to the plumber, arranging for him to come and fix it. He also arranged for the electrician to stop by as they hadn’t been able to rewire the outlet in Sean’s room due to the dining room furniture in the way.
On Tuesday Rogers came by to re-hookup all the cable, phone and internet. And the plumber fixed the tap. I spent the rest of the day cleaning the furnace room to be ready for the pod emptying.
On Wednesday the electrician came and fixed the outlet. Paul also came back to finish setting up the computers and also to set up the home theater system in the living room. We had a long conversation, which I’ll get back to at some point, not right now though.
On Thursday all hell broke loose. The furnace guy hired by TriStar came to service the furnace and clean the ducts. He tromped in, had a look at the furnace, then told me, “Turn your furnace on and set the temperature to 80 degrees.” I said, “No, I can’t do that.” He looked at me like I was some kind of moron and asked, “Why not?” I explained that the house had been under renovations for four months, from mould remediation right through the rebuild, and that I had been advised NOT to turn on the air conditioner (or furnace, same thing) until AFTER the ducts had been cleaned. He grunted, and went back to work.
While he was doing his thing with the ducts, TriStar showed up to replace my dead sod – I TOLD them not to plant it when they did, as there was no way of watering it! – and empty the pod! I had them just put all the boxes into the furnace room, figuring I would work out of there, unpacking and putting things away, and I directed them as to where the furniture should go. That’s where it got odd, as I began to realize that there was a lot of stuff missing. Stuff that shouldn’t have been missing. As in, five bookcases. Gone, poof, vanished, no one knows where. The staff unpacking had no explanation. There were other things missing, as I began to realize after they had left. I emailed their office manager asking if there were any of my things stored anywhere other than the pod. She said she didn’t believe so, but would check and get back to me. Meanwhile, when could she stop by to pick up their final payment? I stalled, wanting time to start going through boxes to check for damage, and was able to put her off till Tues morning. The next day I received a message from her that she had found ‘a few’ boxes of clothing that had been taken to their warehouse for cleaning, but no furniture. So – if I hadn’t asked, would I have got my clothing back??

The kids and I set to work. Brianna and I built the three new bookcases I had bought and unpacked all the boxes of books to get them out of the way. For some reason Xmas decorations were next in the pile, and when we opened the TriStar boxes we were stunned to realize they had unpacked all the decorations out of the boxes I had kept them in, and repacked them in monstrous boxes that wouldn’t fit anywhere in my house. This necessitated a shopping trip for totes to repack the decorations before we could even begin to unpack the boxes!

By Monday night we had seen quite enough to make a rather damning case against TriStar, so Brianna and I sat down at the computer and compiled a couple of documents, which I shall copy and post in my next post. We used them in our meeting with the office manager. She had absolutely no defense, no explanations, no nothing satisfactory. Obviously she wasn’t on site, it wasn’t her fault, so I was polite and courteous, but stated our concerns in full. I think for us the best part was the look on her face when Brianna plopped the massive empty beer bottle on the table and I said, “We found this in the attic, on top of the new insulation after your crew was finished.” She was NOT impressed! So I was reimbursed for the cost of replacing the missing things, and I wrote her a cheque for what was owing. She took my three printed pages of complaints with her…

And so I am done with TriStar. I don’t care what the outcome of my complaints might be. I don’t care if people are reprimanded or let go as a result. I don’t care if I never get any apology or explanation for the disastrous manner in which my possessions were handled. I am done with them, that chapter is behind me. I have a beautiful new house, and have been given the opportunity to do a major purging and re-evaluating of what is important to me. I have all I need.

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