We now return you to your regularly scheduled Alaskan programming.

Sun. July 22, 2012: Victoria – sort of.

Today was primarily an ‘at sea’ day as we booted it toward Victoria. We slept in. Seriously. When I looked at my phone, it was after 7! Brief note – there are no clocks anywhere on this ship. All the activities are planned for specific times, dinner is at a set time, but there are no clocks! The alarm clock in our room is set to the wrong time, and I consider myself a fairly intelligent person, but there’s no way I can see to fix it! So even though I have no phone service, I am still carrying my cell phone everywhere so I get places on time.

We basically goofed off today. Sean and I left Brianna sleeping while we went for breakfast, then we returned to the stateroom and had naps….

We got ice cream, checked out the arcade, and then went to the final farewell stage show. After the show there was a final character gathering in the lobby, and Brianna finally got her photo with Cinderella! She’s only been waiting nine years for that one! (She didn’t even see Cindy when we were at DisneyWorld when she was 7!)

Then it was time to pack. Sniff. Our suitcases have to be in the hallway by 10:30, and we’ll pick them up on the pier in Seattle tomorrow. We also received our gratuity envelopes so we can show our staff how much we appreciated them….

And we discussed it again and vetoed Victoria. We’re going to continue the lazy day theme. Well, after we go to the family dance party at 7:30 and have dinner at 8:15…

Mon. July 23, 2012: Officially over.

Well, the cruise is officially finished. As instructed, we had our luggage packed, tagged and placed outside our door by 10:30. The Wonder staff transported them to the pier, and we picked them up after leaving the ship. Much easier than schlepping all that luggage on your own!

Our debarkation breakfast was at 8:30 in Tritons, and was a bittersweet affair. We had gotten to know our table mates quite well, and had become rather attached to our serving staff. After breakfast we all hugged goodbye, including Fitzroy our server, and Ozvaldo, his assistant. 

We made our way to the gangway and down to the pier where we collected our luggage and went through Customs. The border agent merely gave our passports a cursory glance. We found a taxi to get over to our hotel. I was a bit concerned because our check in time was 3pm, but we really had nothing else we could do while hauling our luggage. We were lucky that a room was ready, so we were able to check in and crash. All three of us had naps, then went in search of food.

We had intended to do some sightseeing while in Seattle, but I think we are all sightseeinged out. None of us wanted to do anything more than lie on the beds and read or watch TV. Though we did get caught up on the news of the past week. You don’t hear about massacres in theaters while on the ship….

And tomorrow – home.

And that is where the journal ends. I didn’t bother writing on the plane, about how my kids actually sat beside one another for a five hour flight and GOT ALONG! As in, didn’t fight. At all. Or about the family sitting in front of us who basically let their under two year old (I know this because they hadn’t purchased a seat for him) run amok all over the place. Nor did I say anything about arriving back at Toronto, finding our hotel shuttle easily, and retrieving Sean’s hat from the front desk! Or about how the car started right up, but was covered with a thick layer of dust. No, didn’t write about any of those things. Suffice it to say, we arrived home about 8pm on the 24th, tired, nostalgic, but very happy, having just had the most amazing week long experience of our lives. Would I do it again? You bet, in a heartbeat. Would I travel Disney Cruise Lines again? Without a doubt. In fact, Sean has spent the last three weeks researching where he thinks we should go on our next cruise….but he really wants to go aboard the Disney Fantasy this time…it’s bigger.

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