Alaska, ongoing…

Wed. July 18, 2012: Glacier Time

Woke up this morning to much calmer water – and mountains! Wish it were sunny, rather than overcast, but at least it isn’t raining!

Tentative plans for today:
9:30 Alaskan naturalist talk on glaciers
11:30 on, Characters on deck
12:30 on, Tracy Arm
6:15 Comedy Show

As I write this, I am sitting on deck 10, under seriously overcast skies. It is my task to reserve the table so we have somewhere to sit while viewing Tracy Arm. I have just noticed what appears to be a huge ice chunk floating happily by. This is the first one I’ve seen.
Ok, photo of ice chunk duly taken.
It’s 54 degrees F, and I am dressed warmly for sitting around, including gloves. Earlier this morning Brianna and I raided the deck blanket stash and  hid three of them in our room, thinking we would be needing them. And we were right. I am wearing gloves and have the hood of my coat up, AND a blanket wrapped around my legs. 
Oooh, glacier alert!
The naturalist’s lecture this morning was great. Sean and I learned a lot about glaciers, calving and icebergs. I now better understand what I’m seeing here.
Well, I spent about four hours sitting on deck, freezing my ass off, enjoying the most magnificent scenery I’ve ever seen. The water is a stunning jade green, with steep rock faces rising up on both sides of our ship. These mountains range between 4000-5000 feet tall, and most are snowcapped. There are ribbons of white tracing down the cliff faces, and as we moved closer, I realized they were waterfalls.  Small chunks of ice floated serenely past us, their colour ranging from white to an exquisite rich blue. The view is simply breathtaking, and I hope the photos I’ve been taking will even remotely do it justice. 

This is why I came to Alaska.

In all, I spent most of my day looking at scenery, and every moment was well worth it.


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