Brianna’s on air…

I never knew my daughter listened to classical music. In the car her tastes run to Lady Gaga, Adam Lambert, and whatever else is being played on the top 40 pop stations. But it seems she has a secret side. A dark side, if you will.

She listens to classical music at night.

She finds music helps her sleep better, but much of what she listens to normally gives her nightmares. The lyrics penetrate her subconscious and translate into scary images in her dreams. So she started looking for something that wouldn’t do that. She found a classical music station out of Toronto, 96.3, and discovered that she sleeps better with that playing. Apparently there’s a nighttime DJ who is quite entertaining to listen to, and one night when Brianna was bored, she decided to write an email to the DJ and tell her how much she enjoyed the program

Much to her surprise – and mine, because remember, I didn’t even know she listened to this – she received a response from the music director asking her if she would be willing to come in and record herself reading her email for promotional spots to be broadcast! Well, really, how often do you get an opportunity like that!?

And so on Monday morning she and I set forth on an adventure to downtown Toronto to record her email. It was quite straightforward getting there, but parking was a whole other story. It took us a while, but we managed to find a spot not too far from the station, and we even figured out how to use the on street pay parking ticket meter thingy. They must not get many guests at the station, because when we went in, the receptionist said right away, ‘You’re here to see John?” We were ushered into a dark, quiet room, with a desk upon which was a huge bank of computers with switches and dials and buttons – very intimidating looking. There was a window to a sound proofed room containing a desk, chair and one of those microphones on an arm, with a padded cover over it. The man in the room greeted us and went to go find John, who had apparently vanished temporarily.

When John arrived – and let me just add that John had a radio announcers voice, all deep and melodious, mmmm – he chatted a bit with us, then took Brianna into the other room and showed her how the equipment worked. They had prepared a shortened version of her email, and wanted her to read both her original one and the revised version, which she did. For each of them, the first time she went through it she read too fast, so they asked her to do a second take, but slower.

When she was finished, they took us on a tour of the studio, and we got to meet a couple of the regular DJs. They had a gift for Brianna – a lovely little gift bag containing an assortment of classical CDs, quite a nice gift, really. When she’ll listen to them, I don’t know, but two of them are Christmas ones, so we might play them.

He also took Brianna’s picture under the station logo by the door, and told her they will email her a copy of the completed promo spot. It sure would be cool to actually hear her voice on the radio though – I may have to start listening to this station just to hear my daughter!

And then we said our farewells and set off to find our car – which was where we had left it – and head home. In all, a pretty cool morning, and well worth the horrible drive to Toronto.

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