Update – June 2….

Well, TriStar is finally out of my house. Sort of. More or less. They still have to repair the window screen from the bathroom, which got torn while they left it leaning up against the garage with stuff piled around it, and they still have to repair the kitchen window they somehow managed to strip the crank on, and they still have to lay the sod over the filled in basement access. But since the water is to be turned off to the house while the contractor is working – as in, the next couple months – I vetoed the sod, pointing out that with no water, all I’ll end up with is dead brownness. And they still have to come back after the contractor is done to have the furnace cleaned and serviced. And then, maybe, I’ll get my keys back?

However, they are no longer working there, and the best news is that on Fri May 25, a full month after they should have been done, they declared the house officially mould free! Complete with a printout air quality analysis that can be shown to any tradesmen who need to work there. And on Thurs of this week, my contractor, Jeff, and all his people showed up in full force to get started. Now, much of their initial work also involves ripping out, because in order to bring the wiring/plumbing/gas lines up to current code, they have to remove the bulk of the old stuff and put in new. That’s ok, I see all of that as progress. The sooner it is ripped out, the sooner the new will be done and the sooner I can move back in. Return date is July 31, and that has to be set in stone.

However it doesn’t appear I will be able to open the pool till at least the first week of August – no power, no water, both necessary for a pool. Sigh.

This is going to be the strangest summer ever. One more month of school, two weeks holidays, our trip to Alaska, one more week and then we move home, and poof, it’s August!
I’m finding it stressful being here still. Originally I had it in my head that by June 1st we would be two thirds of the way done, and we’re only half way there. The two months now remaining seems to stretch out a very long way ahead. I have been feeling extremely homesick this past week, just wanting to be back in my own bed, my own house, my yard, where I belong. I don’t belong here. It’s a beautiful house and I am so grateful to have found it, but it’s not mine, a fact made all the more obvious by the real estate agents tromping through, and the open house scheduled for this weekend. At least the new agent my landlady has hired is MUCH nicer than the old one!

So even though I’m still depressed and discouraged, there are good things going on. The rebuild has started; I have a sexy new real estate agent who is very friendly; things are coming together for our holiday; and I have someone who wants to help me work on my disaster of a backyard! My friend Maureen’s boyfriend, Shane (the guy who did my front porch railings) is redoing the section of my back fence between my house and the one next door. Maureen loves puttering outside, and has been keeping Shane company while he works, and raking and weeding my yard while she’s there! We talked about what I want to do out there, and she has offered to help me do it all! I have the greatest friends.
And with reference to the holiday – Paul finally brought me the permission letter I need to take the kids out of the country! That’s a load off my mind! AND!!!! I found my big suitcase! Let me explain… Thinking I would be home before the trip, I left my big suitcase there. I will not be home before the trip, and I assumed the suitcase had been put in the pod. What to do for the trip? Buy, borrow, or steal? I had a couple people lined up offering the loan of luggage, for which I am truly grateful, and which would have solved my problem, but the other day I was in my garage and closed the door to get some bags off a shelf for Maureen. When what to my wondering eyes should appear behind the door? No, not a sleigh and eight minature reindeer – my suitcase! I have no idea why it was stashed there, but I’m delighted! It’s a bit dusty, and I had to blow a couple of spiders off it, but it’s mine! Things are looking up!

And I have to include this in closing…part of my mind has been furious with Paul for walking out and leaving me to deal with all of this on my own. Yes, I know I am strong enough, and I know it has all made me even stronger and more independent, but I’m still mad at him. I’m allowed to be. Well….it seems the dishwasher has been leaking in his whor-erm-girlfriend’s house – for a very long time. Long enough to build up nasty little mouldy things. So much mould that they had to have the mould removers in. You know, space suits, hazmat gear, breathing masks – just like my house had. And they have no kitchen at the moment. Who says karma doesn’t kick ass? Tee hee hee.

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