I apologize for not having updated here more frequently. The truth is, every day has brought some form of hurdle or negativity regarding the house, and if I recounted all of them every day, it would turn into a most depressing place to be.

Long story short – the best company in the business isn’t. There are so many breakdowns in communication, a lack of respect for personal property, poor work ethics, delays, and reports of laziness from my neighbours that I wouldn’t even know where to start to recount them. Probably the most shocking, to me anyway, was the discovery of a 1.18l empty bottle of 7.1% alcohol “Labbatts Ice Strong Beer” in my attic. A new bottle, without any fading on the label. And I know I neither drank it, nor put the empty bottle there. And since the only people to have been in my attic lately are TriStar employees – well, who do you think drank the contents and left the bottle there?

I had been told their part of the work would take aproximately three weeks. We factored in an extra week for delays, and assumed Pam and my contractor, Jeff, would be able to begin work either Apr 22 or 29. Today is May 22 and the rebuilding has not yet begun. The remediation company is in my house even as I type this, still doing their thing. One delay after another. And the cost….I had been assured that the final estimate was just that – a final estimate, no matter what they uncovered once they started working. That was a lie. The final cost to me for their part of the work is nearly double what they originally quoted, as they continued to ‘find’ things that needed to be addressed. And they have me over a barrel. Unless they address all these areas, supposedly where mould might someday dare to develop, they can’t issue me a clearance certificate. And without that certificate, no contractor will touch my house to rebuild. I am caught between a rock and a hard place.

It’s been a very difficult couple of months for me. Depressing, yes, discouraging, certainly, and many times I’ve wished I hadn’t even started down this road.

The latest development is the necessity to completely replaster my entire living and dining room ceilings, due to ‘accidents’ while they were working in the attic, in which ‘something’ came through the dining room ceiling, severely damaging the plaster, and also ‘something’ from up there caused huge cracks in the living room ceiling plaster. Now the crew is working at packing up everything from my living and dining rooms so those ceilings can be replaced. I think it would have been easier to just pack and move the entire contents of my home someplace for the duration, rather than this piecemeal I am faced with.

My life is upside down.
I am tired of jumping over hurdles. Now I just crawl over them.
I am tired of being strong and holding it all together for my kids.
I live in chaos.
No one seems to really care.

I just want to go home.

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