This is a strange house…

Our temporary home is very strange. It attracts some things, and repels others.

One windy afternoon we came home to find balloons in our yard. Not just little ones, these were a couple of the big punching ball type things with an elastic wrist strap, along with several different coloured large latex balloons. Go figure.
Several days later there was a puppy in our yard. No clue where he came from, or where he went, he was just there.
The following week a volleyball mysteriously appeared beside the fence. It stayed there for nearly a week, then just as mysteriously, it vanished.
Yesterday a pool noodle materialized in the exact spot where the volleyball had been. It’s still there.
This morning I went out and found a tennis ball beside my car. I tossed it into the house, but don’t know where it went…

And repelling things? That would mostly be people. I’m convinced that the house has an invisibility shield that it can raise at will, and that it usually uses it to deter potential renters of whom it doesn’t approve for whatever reason. Why do I say this? I have been willing to show the house for my landlady so she doesn’t have to come down from Toronto. About four separate times she has arranged an appointment with someone but they haven’t shown up, nor have they called her again. Only one person has actually come through the house. I think the house senses who would be a good tenant and who wouldn’t, and raises its shield so bad tenants can’t even find it. Think about it – it let me find it…

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