Absolutely furious.

Brianna and I stopped by our house this morning to pick up mail and clear out flyers. I gathered up the soggy flyers and walked round to the back to put them in the garbage can. I was shocked to find personal belongings stacked outside the garage! Clothing, toiletries from the bathroom, a folding table from the basement, my bin of pond equipment that is stored in the basement, and a suitcase! Outside, in the rain. Excuse me? So I opened the garage door to put these things in out of the rain – and discovered that my garage has been packed FULL to the doors of my possessions from the basement! EXCUSE ME? Why are these things not in storage elsewhere? How am I supposed to access my garage to do yard work or open my pool with the garage full? I can’t even get through to my backyard. The contract with TriStar states that the fridge and dishwasher ONLY were to be put in the garage. So what the hell is all this other stuff doing in there????

I phoned TriStar as soon as I got home and left an absolutely blistering furious message on their answering machine. I want all that stuff out of my garage immediately, and I want to know why our personal items were left out in the rain.

Also, my outdoor water tap leaks, and for some reason they have disconnected the hose and the tap is leaking all over the sidewalk. I’m going to go back and leave a note on the door demanding that they turn off the water to the outside from downstairs, as that’s what I always did.

I am so not impressed. Some of my worst fears about this whole thing are coming to pass.

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