We moved….

Guess I should update my blog for those of you interested in how the whole move thing is going…


We moved. I don’t honestly think I hauled a single box – I had so much help with that! What exhausted me was the running up and down stairs, answering questions, directing, sorting,  making the executive decisions. We made several trips back to the house to pick up things we realized we didn’t have and needed – like the cat’s food, and water dish. Oh, and the floor lamp since the living room here has no lighting whatsoever! Finally we decided we had it all – and if we didn’t, too bad, we’d do without.

I have to say I am so grateful for the wonderful friends I have who helped. I couldn’t have done this without them. And the time or two I nearly cracked, they politely pretended not to notice me fighting back the tears.

No move goes without hitches, and this one was no exception. The queen sized bed stored in the basement absolutely would not fit up the stairs. I have no idea how it got down there in the first place, but someone else is going to have to get it out. We were able to get the mattress up – sacrificing a light bulb in the process as it got whacked – so Brianna is sleeping on a mattress on the floor. It’s only three months.

That night we had our first ritual crossing off the day on the calendar. Sean did the honours. One day closer to moving home.


Someone told me I should look at this as a holiday. Sure, if your idea of a holiday involves sweeping floors, washing windows, battling clogged drains into submission, and hauling furniture around the house! Not to mention grocery shopping, and a frantic trip to the dollar store for a few things we forgot!

The main challenge right now seems to be finding things in my kitchen….I had told my friends to just unpack, put things where they thought things should go, and I’d find them. Eventually.  I’ve been moving things around to better suit me, and I finally had to break down and ask Brenda if she knew what had become of my iron. I knew it had been packed with kitchen appliances, but where it had been put was beyond my comprehension. (Downstairs, in the laundry area, beside the ironing board someone left here….)

I had decided to look at this not so much as a holiday, but as a chance to spend time getting caught up on my serious backlog of scrapbooking. See, at home there always seems to be something I should be doing instead, so I don’t take the time for myself and my hobbies. Here – well, the house is immaculate, there’s not much furniture to worry about, and no drawers to clean out and sort…. So I plan to scrapbook. I didn’t quite get there today. I caught myself looking at the calendar around dinner time, at that one big X from yesterday, and thinking – soon there’ll be another X, and I haven’t done a bit of scrapbooking! In fairness, I did get much of my area organized, and am hoping to really scrapbook tomorrow. After I clean the sink, hang curtains, and go Easter shopping…

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One Response to We moved….

  1. Heather Smedley says:

    re: Mattress on the floor…..I still have the inflatable, folding bed if you (or Brianna) want it.

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