Day three…

And no, I promise I won’t title every single post from now till the end of June with the number of days. Probably not, anyway.

I still haven’t scrapbooked. I hung curtains. See, the other night I went to pull down the blind in the room designated for scrapbooking, and the entire blind leapt out of its mounts and fell on me. I was not impressed. On investigating the mounts I realized that only one was a proper blind mount, and that was on the wrong side! On the other side the blind had been supported by a curtain hook! Honest, I could not make this up! I did find the missing blind mount when I moved the bookshelf, so I decided to try to remount it properly. Next problem – there weren’t enough nails. The curtain hook had been held in place by finishing nails. Finishing nails don’t have a head that is larger than the nail itself, so they are useless for holding blind mounts in place. Not wanting to make a dedicated trip out for new blind mounts, I gave up and mounted the supports for the new curtain rod I had bought instead. I now have pretty lavender voile sheers hanging on my window. I shall take them home when we leave as I could see them finding some purpose there…

I then went shopping for Easter. Enough said at this point. Little ears read my blog….well, the ears don’t read, the eyes do, but you know what I mean.

And then I fell asleep on the couch. It’s leather and I hate leather, but even this leather-hater has to admit, the couch is incredibly comfortable. I had to put a fuzzy blanket under my head though, as the leather is cold. And then of course I needed a second fuzzy blanket on top. Good thing we brought our fuzzy blankets! We have our priorities straight!

And the wonderful man from Rogers showed up EARLY for his 5-8pm appointment time and hooked up our internet, cable and phone in short order, thus reconnecting us with the rest of the known world! Have I mentioned how much I love Rogers?

So here I sit in my temporary living room, candles in the window, photos of my kids on the mantle, my plants on my grandfather’s table in front of the dining room window, and my kids happily internetting at their computers across from me, and I realize – life is good. Yeah, it sucks that I have to be here at all, and my mind shies away from what might be happening in my home, but for now, this is good. I was fortunate to find this house, and we have settled in remarkably easily, so I really have no complaints.  I have to give my kids credit though. This has to have been rough on them too. They have only ever known one home, and to be uprooted from that home after everything they’ve already been through in the last few years has to be as stressful for them as it is for me. Yet they’ve both gone along with everything, done their parts in moving, and settled in contentedly. (though Sean did comment that ‘this walking to school is getting old real fast’) I have the best kids in the world.


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One Response to Day three…

  1. Dawn S. says:

    well, even if you can’t think of it as a holiday, I’m glad you are finding the silver lining and making a plan to scrapbook. LOVE YOU!

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