When I was little I wanted a daughter’s pride ring. I saw them in the Eatons and Sears catalogue. You ordered the style and size, and specified the birthstones, and presumably you received a beautiful ring with your birthstone in the middle and those of your parents on either side. We could never have afforded one, and even if we could’ve, my mother would’ve dismissed it as too frivolous, and inappropriate for a young girl. Actually, I guess we could’ve afforded it, knowing what I now know, but she still wouldn’t have approved.

For my birthday a few years back – I don’t know, maybe about 8 or 10 ago, Paul bought me a family ring – an upgraded version of the daughter’s pride one I never got. He had the September stone set in the center – the month we were married – then had each of our stones – December and August – on the ends, and the kids’ set one on each side of the center stone. Pretty. But still not my daughter’s pride ring. I don’t know why I still wanted that, but I did.

Now that the composition of my family is different from what is reflected in my ring, I have decided to replace the ring. I will give it to Brianna, for it is her family. My new ring will have my birthstone in the center, and those of my children on each side. Just like that daughter’s pride ring – only not.

Then suddenly this afternoon I realized something very odd. Sean’s birthday is in June – the same as my dad’s was. And Brianna’s birthday is in October – just like my mom’s was. Guess I’m finally going to get that daughter’s pride ring after all…..sort of.

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  1. Heather Smedley says:

    lovely 🙂

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