Renovation update.

I haven’t done one of these for a while because there hasn’t been much to say. Today there is so much to say I’m totally overwhelmed and don’t know even where to start. Hope you can follow this.

There is mould in my house. That much I knew. What I didn’t know was the scope and severity of it. The first step was to have a visual assessment and air quality testing done. We (from this point on, ‘we’ refers to myself and my designer, Pam) assumed the mould would be concentrated in the bathroom, with some cross contamination in the kitchen. We were wrong. The lab results showed the spore levels in the kitchen were nearly double those in the bathroom. Major concern here.

The next step was to have a remediation company do a full assessment to determine the scope and extent of the mould spread; the source of the mould; what steps are necessary to eradicate it; and to give a cost estimate of the work. They were here last Thurs to do all the investigation for their report, and Constantino came this morning to present us with the results. We had been warned they were concerned about the basement, and both Pam and I had a myriad of questions, all of which were answered thoroughly and to our satisfaction, leaving us much more at ease.

Bottom line, here’s what’s being done:
The kitchen and bathroom will be totally gutted, cleaned, sealed and will be essentially left ready for our contractors to come in and rebuild.
The attic will be cleaned, insulation removed, and sealed. This INCLUDES critter removal, roof repairs, and the sealing of any space where water might sneak its insidious self in.
The basement will also be stripped, cleaned and sealed. This was unexpected. There are bonuses here. I hate my basement flooring and walls. They will be gone, leaving me with a clean slate to start over from. This is a good thing. I did ask about having only the kitchen and bathroom done, but they refuse to do a part job. It’s all or nothing.
Apparently they also fog to clean all possessions. Which means I do absolutely nothing to prepare for this. My knicknacks stay in their spots, my books remain on their shelves, the scrapbook layout I was working on stays put. (Well, I’d tidy that away, but you get the picture) The remediation company takes care of absolutely everything. To give themselves room to work, some things will be stored in a pod onsite after fogging, while others will be removed to a storage facility.

Once all this is done, the contractor moves in and gets to work. New walls and flooring in the basement, a whole new kitchen, a brand new bathroom, and new insulation in the attic.

Where are we while this is going on? This is what is causing me great concern. I basically will need a place for the kids, myself , the cat and the hamsters to live while the work is being done. Keep in mind, once the mould people are done, I still can’t come home because there will be no kitchen or bathroom, basement floors or walls….We are talking about 4-6 weeks living away from home. And the logistics of that are what are boggling me. The whole rebuilding thing I can deal with. I know Pam is going to walk me through all that step by step and have all the ducks lined up ready to go as soon as the remediation company is done. It’s the moving out that is distressing me. Trying to wrap my head around living in a hotel for over a month. The logistics are scary. Anything we take to the hotel will have to be de-mould-spored before we can bring it back to the house. And how much stuff are we going to need to take to survive for over a month? And how will the kids get to and from school? What about our computers? The kids need at least one for homework.  How will my cat take to this move? He’s an old kitty and not in the best of health. The hamsters aren’t a concern, so long as they have their cage they’re happy little beasts. And the list of questions goes on….

So. I don’t have a date yet; Pam needs to talk with her guys, and we’ll have the main contractor in next week to start planning all of this. But it looks like I need a furnished place to live for over a month for three people, a cat and a two cages of hamsters. Not to mention it needs to be convenient for the kids to get to and from their schools….

Yeah, I’m totally overwhelmed.

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2 Responses to Renovation update.

  1. Heather Smedley says:


  2. Vicki Reesor says:

    Wow, Sue! To be honest, it sounds wonderful to me! A clean sweep. Living in a hotel for a few weeks – well, that will be the hardest part for sure. Maybe something else will come up – somebody going south for a late-winter vacation, and looking for a house sitter? Somebody you know with a secondary suite just come vacant and willing to rent it to you short-term? I feel there will be some solution for you!

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