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So Whitney Houston is dead. Arguably one of the most beautiful voices to come out of the 80’s. A truly beautiful and talented woman who had it all in the palm of her hand. She had fame, fortune, material blessings, beauty, adoration, talent – you name it, she had it. But did it make her happy? Apparently not, because she turned to drugs. Why, we’ll likely never truly know.
But this is what I have to say – and I don’t care if you agree or not, it’s MY opinion and I’m entitled to it.
You can go on all you like about the hardships of the celebrity life, but in the end, that’s all just bullshit. We all have hardships in our lives, and most of us deal with them all on our own, without the advantages of the blessings she had in her life. And most of us deal with them without turning to drug abuse. Every moron out there knows that drugs fuck up your mind and body. Every moron out there knows that they are addictive. And every moron out there has heard at least one story about fatal drug overdoses. So why the hell do people still start doing drugs? I have no clue. The only thing I can think is that they’re weak and give in to peer pressure, or simply don’t feel they have the strength to face their problems on their own. And either of those scenarios are truly sad.  (I am just going to insert in here that I have no problem with people needing medical help to cope with things short term; most of us have been either in or near that kind of situation at some point) That someone as brilliantly talented and successful as Whitney, and with the access to the support networks she would have had, should feel the need to start doing drugs is just mind boggling. And truly, I have to say, I have no sympathy. Am I sorry she’s dead? Yes, of course. I don’t like to see anyone die, no matter what the reasons. Do I have sympathy for her family? Of course, because they have lost someone they loved and treasured. But really, when you have everything anyone could ever want, and you are still weak or stupid enough to throw it all away by abusing drugs – sorry, no sympathy here for that.

Her death is a tragedy, yes, but it is a tragedy that could likely have been avoided had she not succumbed to the lure of drug abuse. And that’s what needs to be the focus of attention – teach people how to resist those temptations; teach them what other options there are when things seem too overwhelming; teach them that money and fame truly do not buy happiness; and most definitely continue to teach them that the final destination on a path that relies on the abuse of illegal drugs is almost always death.

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