A snowy love month…

It snowed Friday night. A lot. Snow means shoveling. I hate shoveling. I’d buy a snowblower, but there’s no room in my garage for one courtesy of all of Paul’s s**t still in there, but that’s a post for another day. So I rounded up my kids – even though there’s only two of them, when it comes time to work they need to be tracked, chased down, herded, corralled and harnessed before we get anywhere. There are days I feel like a border collie yipping at their heels to get them going.
But we finally made it outside and shovels were distributed. Sean started at one point, I worked on the steps and driveway around the car and Brianna disappeared.
I should mention here that Brianna has a history of not accomplishing much in the way of shoveling snow. She flings around a couple shovelfuls and then proclaims herself done.  And most of what she has flung around is back on the sidewalk anyway. So you can imagine my shock when I went hunting for her to track, herd, corral and re-harness her back to work, and discovered a beautifully cleared section of sidewalk beginning at the end of the fence and rapidly approaching the end of the driveway! The conversation went something like this…

Me: (in shock) “WOW! You’re doing a great job!”
Her: (stopping to lean on her shovel like an old pro, and giving me one of those patented teenaged ‘oh-my-god-mother-don’t-you-get-ANYTHING’ kind of looks) “Well, I’m one of those pathetic teenagers who actually has to WALK home from school, and I HATE when people don’t shovel properly cause it’s so hard to walk, so I’M going to do a GREAT job on MY sidewalk!”
Me: (blinking rapidly in confusion, partly because I had been stuck on the word ‘pathetic’ and partly because I was thinking – is this really my child??) “Oh. Well, it looks good.” (Yeah, I know, lame, but I couldn’t come up with anything more creative)

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