Love Month Day – who knows what, I lost track.

This week has been crazy busy! Today Michael was here pretty much all day installing the new handle and lock on my front door. See, I kind of figured that if the kitchen and bathroom are going to be all torn up, entering and exiting through the back door right into the kitchen as we do now might not be the most practical idea. However, the front door lock has been broken since we moved in. Yes, that was 22 years ago and we’ve never fixed it. Get over it. It was broken in the permanently locked position, which meant if you closed the door behind you when you went out, you weren’t getting back in again. It was also a pretty solid thief deterrent. And we never use the front door anyway, since the driveway is right at the back door. However, if one now needs to enter and exit that way on a semi-regular basis….one (meaning me) needs a new handle. This was not something I felt in the least bit capable of tackling on my own, so I politely asked Michael if he would install it for me. He agreed. Foolish man. He wasn’t to know that ANYTHING that is undertaken in this house turns out to be triple the work and quadruple the frustration.

It looked to be a simple task. Take out the old one, install the new one. No, of course not. Couldn’t be that simple, no way. Taking out the old one was easy. Then he discovered that it had an old lock box kind of thing inside the door. Made of metal, which couldn’t be drilled through. It had to go because the new handles didn’t quite line up. Which left a huge empty space inside the door. So off he went to Home Depot to pick up some bits of wood which he epoxied in place. Then he had to go pick up some doweling to fill a screw hole that didn’t line up with the new set. He had arrived at about 10 am, and was still here when I got home from work at 4:45….he was just leaving though. However, my new lock works, and the handle looks lovely. Just have some touchups to do to the stain on the door and it’ll be great.

So that’s got that done….only 22 years late. And I like it.

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