Just one request…

Please do not bombard me with horror stories about mold in your brother’s mother-in-law’s best friend’s aunt’s second cousin’s husband’s ex-wife’s house. I do not need to be told my house will be condemned, torn apart, or otherwise made unlivable. Do not tell me my pets will die, I will have to replace all my furniture, and my kids and I will suffer terminal illnesses as a result of the mold.

I DON’T NEED TO HEAR IT. I am well aware of the potential health hazards and the delays and inconveniences this will cause. I will deal with this one step at a time, the way I have dealt with every other stumbling block that has been thrown in my path over the past year. And I will get through it and it will be dealt with properly and in a timely fashion, and my kids and I will look at it as an adventure ( especially if we end up in a hotel for a while!). And in the end I will have a beautiful mold free bathroom and kitchen. Discussion closed.

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