Round up

We went to the dollar store tonight, Brianna and I, while Sean was at swim class. Actually, we went to Zellers and Zehrs too, but it’s the dollar store that’s significant.

It was pouring rain out, and there was an apparently homeless hobo type man sitting on a bench outside the dollar store quietly asking for spare change. As I tend to do, I ignored him.
We did our stuff in the dollar store, didn’t find anything we desperately needed, so were about to leave when Brianna quietly announced she was going to buy a chocolate bar for the hobo. Um – ok, I guess. She chose an Aero bar, paid for it and we left the store. When she got outside, quietly, without any fanfare, she leaned over the hobo guy and said, “This is for you,” and handed him the bar. He thanked her very nicely, and we left.


In other news today, I received a card in the mail from Paul’s aunt and uncle in New Brunswick. I had sent them a Christmas card including a copy of this year’s holiday letter, which also explained the events of last December. They were shocked to receive the news, and said as much. Let me go get the card and type out what Aunt Marje said.

Dear Sue,
Received your card with your shocking news. I know this happens all too often, but I really thought you two were okay. Guess one never knows.
I’m glad you are doing well and coping very well. So sorry about your mother also. I was the one to discover my mother’s body when she died in 2000. She was 89. I’ll never forget how still and quiet the room was when I went in.
You have two beautiful kids there and from what you say they are very intelligent also. You are doing well by them.
I hope you can build a good life and find happiness. Please keep in touch, won’t you? Even if it’s just a card at Christmas. We won’t forget you.
With love from Uncle David and Aunt Marje.

Sure is a different type of note from the one I got from my darling sister in law, isn’t it…The compassion in this one made me cry; her flippant outlook just disgusted me. Guess which part of the family I will make the effort to keep in touch with….

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One Response to Round up

  1. Heather Smedley says:

    Your daughter is a very exceptional young lady.

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