More Brianna Witticisms…

Brianna is currently taking drivers ed. It’s an intensive, four day course, Thurs night, Sat, Sun, and Tues night. One of the cool things they have is a driving simulator, for those kids who haven’t yet been behind the wheel of a car.

On Thurs night one of the girls was using the simulator as the others watched. She was to turn a corner, but for some reason, couldn’t get all the way around, so her back end was in the pedestrian crosswalk. Along came a pedestrian. Now, in real life, what would the pedestrian do? Glare at the driver, maybe bang on the bumper if it was in a big city, and walk around the butt end of the car.  Not in the simulator. This pedestrian walked right through the car, stopped, turned around, and dropped down dead.


So one of the boys told the driver she needed to get out to see if the pedestrian was dead and help her. Brianna disagreed. She said the driver needed to check to see if the pedestrian was dead, and if not, go back and run over her again, because anyone that stupid didn’t deserve to be alive.

And this prepares our kids for driving in the real world?

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