A post just for my dear friend Dawn….because she cares.

The alarm went off at 5:45 this morning. How I hate that penetrating beeping sound! Especially after not sleeping well, as is the norm this week it seems.
I dragged myself out of bed, had a glass of water, threw some clothes on the bed and staggered to the shower.
Twenty minutes later, feeling almost alive, I got dressed, put on makeup, dried my hair and looked out the back door to make sure my car hadn’t been stolen overnight.
On seeing snow and ice, I wandered hopefully down to the computer to see if the  buses might be cancelled. No such luck, so I went back upstairs to prepare the hot part of Sean’s lunch.
At 6:50 I woke up both kids, who staggered through the house and collided at the bathroom door. After a short scuffle, Brianna got in and Sean flopped down on my bed and tried to go back to sleep.
At 7:15 I started my car, cleared off the snow and ice, yelled to Brianna to hurry up because I knew I would also have to clear off my bus – and besides, the roads were bad. We were about to leave when I realized I’d forgotten my purse – containing drivers license – so ran back in for that.
The roads were really bad, so it took ages to get to Brianna’s school, where I dropped her off, then headed to the yard, where I parked and locked my car, and staggered through the wind to my bus, which was, of course, snow covered.
I did the fastest circle check on record, because by now I was running late, then I tackled the snow with my extra long handled snow brush.
I managed to complete my route only four minutes behind. Go me.
I came home and had waffles for breakfast because there was no bread.
I talked to Shelley on the phone.
I had a short nap because I was tired. See lack of sleep comment above.
I called the travel agent back and paid the deposit on my trip to Alaska.
I went to the grocery store, where I added a large package of chocolate covered almonds to my necessary purchases. Which of course included Diet Coke. And bread.
I came home again and hauled all the groceries into the house and put them away, then stood staring at the cupboards because there was nothing I felt like eating for lunch.
Had a banana and cheese and crackers for lunch.
Talked to Shelley again.
Headed back out in the cold to work again.
My pigeons were all lined up on their telephone wire, which made me smile.
I parked my bus, finished my paperwork and came home to find Brianna and Josh dancing to Just Dance “This is Halloween” in the living room. I noticed that Sean had prepared his stuff for the Scout sleepover tonight and left it all on the dining room table.
I came downstairs for some down time, and found a message from my friend Dawn hinting that I don’t update this blog nearly often enough. Oddly, the message had been “liked” by our other friend, Doreen. So I decided to update them both on the exciting adventures of my life….

And there you have it. That would be why I don’t update more frequently….I’d bore you to tears.  Love you both.

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