Out of the mouths of –

– well, not exactly babes, cause he’s 11 years old, but you get the point…

Brianna finally cracked open her Just Dance 3 for the Wii that she got for Christmas. Took her longer than I’d expected, but I guess the Sims stuff took precedence.
And she discovered she loves it! So much so that she also opened up the Just Dance ABBA that she also got for Christmas and made me dance with her!
And I have to say, it ain’t easy! You’re trying to follow the moves mirror imaged on the TV, and all I can say is – thank heavens I let Andre talk me into the really big TV!

So as we were flopping around the living room, desperately trying to make sure our Wiimote things do what they’re supposed to, I commented that I think maybe I’ve found a new workout program, since Paul has my Walk Away The Pounds DVD. (It was left inside a DVD player which he took, and he hasn’t brought it back yet. The DVD, not the player, he can keep the player.) To which Sean innocently commented, “Maybe he’s using it ’cause he needs it more than you do.”

Ouch. I love my son.

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