twas a strange day to be on the roads…

We went out today to get passport pictures done at Walmart. The kids were supposedly dying of starvation, so we stopped at the chip wagon on the Zellers plaza for fries. As we were munching in the car, we noticed an ABC driving academy car practicing backing into parking spots. We watched it do ok in one spot, then drive along and totally blow the next spot – car perfectly straddled the yellow line. It would seem that all three of us looked down to our fries at the same instant – which happened to be the exact instant the drivers ed car vanished. Yep. One moment it was there, sitting in a parking spot, the next moment there was no sign of it anywhere. This is a student driver we’re talking about – they don’t drive fast, so it’s not like it could’ve fled the parking lot in the time it took us to locate the next fry to pop in our mouths. It vanished. Into thin air. And if you ask either of my kids, they’ll back me up on that.

After we finished our fries – somewhat soberly, since we didn’t know what had become of that little car – we headed home. Brianna was driving, and we got caught behind a car trying to make a left turn across the lane of traffic. The road was busy, so we had no choice but to patiently wait. All of a sudden an arm popped out of the drivers window of the car in front, and began waving in the air! The car began to rock from side to side, and we could see the driver bopping up and down, pumping his right fist as he rocked out to the music only he could hear!

I think we’re staying home tonight….

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